Frequently asked questions

.  YES. The best way to inspect a roof system is to walk on it and when safe to do so, that's exactly what I do. I carry a 32' extension ladder which will reach a raised 2 story house with 9' ceilings.

.  YES. All readily accessible attic/crawl spaces are viewed from the access hatch(s), and entered when the inspector believes that it is necessary & safe to do so.

.  YES. I inspect the major appliances in the kitchen(s). Clothes washing & drying machines are generally not inspected.

.  I adhere to CAHPI's (Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors) comprehensive Standards of Practice, which means that you’ll receive a detailed and accurate home inspection. I also abide by CAHPI's strict Code of Ethics, which puts your interests first and protects your rights as a consumer. As per standard industry practice the inspection is visual and non-invasive;

  The following are excluded: Fences, sheds, underground sprinklers, humidifiers, window coverings, smart home, cable/telephone/alarm/audio systems, cosmetic deficiencies, hot tubs, pests, positive identification of mold or asbestos (this would require testing in a lab), compliance with building codes, verification of permits, methods or costs of repairs, wells, septic systems, water softeners. Refer to the CAHPI® Standards of Practice for a detailed explanation of what is, and is not inspected.

.  The inspection includes any attached, and one directly adjacent detached garage but does not include any other out buildings or other structures which may be present on the property.

.   ABSOLUTELY! Even apartment style condos can have costly deficiencies not noticed by a potential buyer. Since the common areas/elements (roof/exterior) are not inspected, the cost of a condo inspection is very affordable and much less than for a detached house. A condo document inspection (by others) is strongly encouraged to gain an understanding of the common areas.

.  A lot of home inspectors are anxious to sell you a mold inspection upgrade. A mold inspection should start with a visual inspection for moisture intrusion in any form including roof leaks, plumbing leaks or humidity/condensation issues & ventilation problems. That is exactly what my visual home inspection attempts to identify. If any suspected mold is observed, further testing and air quality analysis (by an independent EXPERT) will be recommended.

.   Usually, but will they recommend them? Think about the obvious conflict(s) of interest;
1) The referred home inspector may be more worried about maintaining a good relationship with the agent (to get subsequent referrals), rather than safe-guarding the best interests of the buyer. Who is the home inspector loyal to?
2) A real estate agent who stands to gain financially from the sale of the property may be tempted to recommend a home inspector who will not be an "alarmist" and "screw-up the deal". Make sure your agent has YOUR best interests in mind when they make a recommendation.
Agents who refer me want the very best for their clients and know exactly what to expect, an unbiased, accurate and complete home inspection with NO conflict of interest. Driven by Principles, separated by character. I pledge HONESTY, INTEGRITY, CONFIDENTIALITY.

.  ABSOLUTELY NOT! I dedicate an entire day to each property inspected. My physical inspection of an average sized detached house takes ~ 3 to 4 hours and about that long again to write a report filled with photos and descriptions of all identified deficiencies. Taking into account lunch and commute time, this is ~8+ hours. What kind of an inspection and written report can you expect from a home inspector that takes 2, 3 or even more bookings each day?

.  Are you selling your home? Let me inspect it before you even list it. A "pre-listing" inspection alerts you to deficiencies with your home so that you can address them before a prospective buyer discovers them. You can then take the time you need to obtain reasonable repair estimates. Show prospective buyers that you are dealing in good faith. Avoid 11th-hour negotiations and delays, and justify your full asking price by having your home for sale inspected now.

.  Are you shopping for the cheapest home inspection available? Why would you even consider spending the least amount of money on one of the most expensive purchases, and decisions of your lifetime?
Complete, accurate, unbiased condo inspections starting at $349.00. There will always be an inspector willing to perform a cheaper inspection and it will almost certainly prove to be of lesser value, this is true for any service provider. The value of my service FAR exceeds the price of the inspection, and I believe that you will not find a better value at any price.
Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. -- Warren Buffett --

.  I have utilized a professional grade FLIR infrared camera on my home inspections since 2012, this 10 years of field experience along with my professional training is a great asset to my clients. Anyone can wave around a cheap infrared camera attached to their cell phone but a professional would never consider using such a toy for a fee paid home inspection... or would they? Check out the infrared page for more info.

.  Why am I singling out Calgary infill homes?... because some of the worst homes I have ever inspected have been brand new infills! To be fair, some of the best built homes have also been infills, why this discrepancy? Many infills are built by very small builders, some just in it for a quick buck, some going bankrupt even before completing the build. How much do you know about your builder and the tradespeople they are using?... did the lowest bidder get all the work?

.  With the exception of infill properties (see the FAQ on infill's), I generally recommend waiting until your new home warranty is just about to expire. It would be unusual for a home inspector to find anything serious enough for you to refuse delivery of a new house constructed by a larger builder. Inspecting your new home about 2 months before the warranty expiration gives you a chance to notice any problems while living in the house, and yet still be eligible to have any significant deficiencies uncovered by a professional home inspector, and addressed by the builder or warranty company. Settled grading around the perimeter of the house is common after 10 months, and correction by the builder can be recommended in your home inspection report before finding water in your basement. That being said, some clients choose to have their new home inspected before taking possession, and then again before the new home warranty expires.

.  Test your house! Radon gas is invisible, odorless and tasteless. It is a radioactive gas found naturally in the environment produced by the decay of uranium. As a gas, radon can move freely up through the soil where it can seep into your house through cracks in the foundation walls & floors, sump pump pits, floor drains, gaps around pipes & cables etc. When radon gas is confined inside a structure it can accumulate to high levels and pose a health / cancer risk to occupants. Test your house! Its easy and inexpensive. A long term test for a minimum of 3 months is required to gain a useful measurement, and can be accomplished with a do-it-yourself test kit.

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